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Attitude Appreciation Night!

Date: Saturday, 07/14/2001
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Venue: Pepsi Arena
City/State: Albany , New York
Event Card: Updated July 11, 2001

Part One | Part Two ~ KANE and 'Taker | Part Three

dx-4.jpg As we came upon the arena, there was much merrymaking and music going on in the square just in front of the building. There was a souvenir stand just before we went up the steps, and Martin BEGGED for a "Ill Make You Famous" t-shirt and "DeadMan Inc." cap - which he got. We entered the Pepsi Arena and found our seats quickly. Albany fans were easy to like - they started up effortless WWF banter that continued on and off throughout the evening. The arena wasn't full to capacity - I was a bit dismayed, but that didnt last too long. dx-3.jpg
Ring Announcer 300 pixels SmackDown! Theme plays over sound system, and the Ring Announcer enters to greet us and start the evening with the National Anthem. Explosions rock the arena and we are underway!

William Regals music floats over us - he and Tajiri enter the arena and ring. Fan response was surprisingly 50-50! Regal tells us the Invasion begins tonight and reads off the matches to be seen tonight! Tajiri stands just behind Regal, turning only when Regal turns to face different sections of the arena, and occasionally making faces. Regal concludes by saying he hopes we enjoy the evening!

The Ring Announcer steps up and tells us that, due to injury, Stone Cold won't fight tonight (I didnt realize he was SUPPOSED to be there!) but the Invasion will go on without him - and anyone wanting a refund will have to go to the ticket office BEFORE the end of the second match! I didnt see ANYONE leaving!
xpackidman.jpg First Match: Light Heavyweight Champion vs. Cruiserweight Champion
X-Pac vs. Billy Kidman ~ WCW ref.

X-Pac enters to mixed fan reaction. This match was way too slow for me - Martin enjoyed it, he LIKES X-Pac! The movements were too disjointed and slowly executed, like X-Pac kept posing after he executed a move and I was expecting to hear him utter "Nyyya Nyyya Wooob Wooob Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!" X-Pac used the X-Factor to get the pinfall on Kidman and the win.
  Second Match: WWF vs. WCW
Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler ~ WWF ref.

Stacy Keibler enters first - I dont know why, but I LIKE her [could it be because shes from Maryland???! Hmmmm?!? ;) ] - then Torrie (I get SHUDDERS just THINKING her name!) prances in with this black halter-top airbrushed number . . . It LOOKED like a halter-topped scuba suit! Trish came in next, then Lita entered to HUGE pops - Photo and vocal! Cover girl posing and Hustler posturing by the blondes - then Lita hit the Moonsault on Stacy for the win! Martin got a ROLL of film on Lita and the gals - but hes NOT sharing . . . ahem!
perrycedible.jpg Third Match: WWF vs. ECW
Perry Saturn vs. Justin Credible ~ WCW ref.

Perry came out first, mop in arms and stood there waiting for Justin who burst in and laid into Saturn. The action was tight on both sides, but Credible ended up getting the win by hitting Perry solidly with a Super Kick. After Credible left the ring, Saturn retrieved his precious red face adorned mop and stood stunned in the ring for a few moments. The fans loved it!

apa.jpg Fourth Match: Tag Team Champions vs. Tag Team Champions
APA vs. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire ~ WWF ref.

Palumbo came out first - which was a shame for me cause I lost it! WCW keeps saying they aren't cartoon characters, but to see Chuck in his tooooo tiny turquoise trunks had me in stitches through out the match - especially when he stuck his bedecked fanny in our faces! A Clothesline from Hell on Chuck from Bradshaw gave the A.P.A. the win!

Some brick-head decided to through his dinner - a half eaten pretzel - into the ring at the guys, security was on them like white on rice! YES! I HATE when ignorants attend these shows and openly display their maturity!
y2j.jpg Fifth Match: WWF vs. WCW
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Stasiak ~ WCW ref.

Great match. Stasiak (a smaller replica of Billy Gunn) enters first. Y2Js music warbles over the system and the fans let him know why we are here! Jericho enters the ring and theres a stare down, then Y2J signals for a mic. NO one else has done any talking tonight - but Jericho . . . well - Jericho told Stasiak this was NOT the WCW, and that there were 8,000 Albany Jerichohalics that wanted to see "Y2J" kick his ass.
  Fast paced action and great maneuvers showed both wrestlers at their best! The fans began calling for the "Walls!!!" which Jericho used to defeat Shawn!

Part Two ~ KANE and 'Taker